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2207 Kings Row
Reno, NV 89503

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Unity Center

Phone: (775) 747-2207
Fax: (775) 747-6515

General e-Mail:

Office Hours: 10:00am – 3:00pm Tuesday - Friday

Rev. Dawna Mantei
Office Administrator
Vicki Darling

Board of Directors

Andy Hill
Vice President
Randy Newcomb
Amanda LaCroix
Bryan Fabian
Members at Large
Barbara Williamson
Laura Briggs

Unity Center Chaplains and Religious Science Practitioners

Our Unity Center Chaplains and Religious Science Practitioners are available to the members of our congregation for prayer and support. Please feel free to call them between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, or send an email anytime.

Sharon Callanan
(775) 219-6201
Julie Davis-Bingham
(775) 626-1888
Sybil Furman
(775) 560-4842
Stephen Jacobs
(775) 247-1632
Richard Mantei
(775) 747-2207
Holly Wilson,RSc.P
(775) 560-4842

Directors of Special Services

Director of Music
John Shipley
Director of Music
Cherie Shipley
Director of Outreach
Barbara Williamson
Director of Prayer Ministry
Julie Davis Bingham
Director of Web Information
Amanda LaCroix
Director of Bookstore
Betty Riley
Director of Hospitality
Barbara Craig