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Upcoming Events

We have some wonderful events, speakers and classes schedules for fall and winter at Unity Center. Please mark your calendars for those events that interest you.

Sunday, October 9th
We are SO BLESSED to be able to present a week-end with Dr. Will Tuttle at Unity Center. Dr. Tuttle presents regularly at conferences, retreats, and progressive centers throughout North America and worldwide. A former Zen monk with a Ph.D. in education from U.C., Berkeley, he has worked extensively in intuition development, spiritual healing, meditation, music, creativity, vegan living, and cultural evolution, and is an acclaimed pianist, composer, and author.
Dr. Tuttle will be giving the Sunday morning lesson. In addition, he will also present a piano concert, Concert for a New World, on Sunday evening from 7:00 – 8:30. He will facilitate a workshop on Awakening Your Inner Genius Monday evening from 7:00 – 9:00. The workshop and concert will be given on a love offering basis.
Women's Workshop - Life Loves You, Do You???
Those of you who have participated in Sybil Furman's workshops (and those of you who have not had the experience yet…) will definitely want to attend Life Loves You, Do You??? on October 1st 10:00 – 3:00. The cost of the workshop is $40.00 and includes lunch.
The Energy of Money
Rev. Dawna will be facilitating a class based on Dr. Maria Nemeth's book, The Energy of Money. The class will begin on October 19 & 26 & November 2, 9, & 16. (Wednesday evenings)
In this class we will uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert our everyday use of money and personal resources, tame the dragons of driven behavior and busyholism and defuse the fears of deprivation and scarcity.
The class is $50.00 and includes book and workbook. Please sign up and pay in the bookstore prior to October 9th.
Sunday, November 13th
GREG TAMBLYN SUNDAY!!!! For any of you who have ever experienced Greg Tamblyn, you know what an amazing treat is in store! Greg is a motivational humorist, singer, songwriter, speaker, author, & emcee extraordinaire! He has a hilarious sense of humor and the ability to bring humor and music to the most sacred of topics! He will be doing that on Sunday morning when he presents A Brief Mystery of God. Greg will also be giving a concert on Sunday evening from 7:00 – 9:00, A Healthy Dose of Comic Relief. His current mission in life, and one of his funniest comedy bits, is Saving the World From Whiny Victim Love Songs.
Greg combines outstanding audience rapport with an irreverent sense of humor, and has a special interest in the relationship of music, laughter, and lifestyle to physical and emotional well-being. Greg's humorous musings on cultural absurdities, as well as his messages of effectiveness, optimism, and service, have garnered him a large international following.
Greg has become well known for his inspiring songs about the power of the human spirit, as well as his off-the-wall send-ups of modern life, such as "The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral," "My Life is a Beer Commercial", and "Type A-Ness". Based for many years in Nashville, he now makes his home in Kansas City, and performs throughout the world for a wide variety of groups interested in wellness.
He delivered one of the primary keynotes at the prestigious Humor Project International Conference, which in past years featured Goldie Hawn, Steve Allen, Bob Newhart, and other famous funny persons. Along with six CDs, Greg has released his first book of stories from the road: Atilla The Gate Agent: Travel Tales and Life Lessons From a Musical Laf-ologist. After reading it, Dr. Larry Dossey was inspired to call Greg "...a contemporary Mark Twain..."

Notable awards:

  • "Best Comedy/Novelty Song" - Just Plain Folks Music Awards
  • "Christmas Single of the Year" - Cashbox magazine
  • "Best Comedy Song" - Music City Song Festival
  • "Best Humorous Song" - Posi Music Awards
  • "Most Uniting Song" - Posi Music Awards
  • "Best Male Vocalist in Kansas City" - Squire Newspapers
Christmas Candle Lighting
Our traditional Candle Lighting service will be held on Thursday evening, December 22nd at 7:00pm. Child care will be provided.
Metaphysical Communion Service
Christmas day is on a Sunday this year, so we will be celebrating our yearly communion service during the regular service. At this service, we will be celebrating the Christmas Story as it relates to us personally and metaphysically. Rev. Richard will read the traditional scripture, I will interpret it metaphysically, and Tristan will sing the correlating Christmas Carol. This service is a reflective journey to the cradle of our hearts.
Burning Bowl Service
Burning Bowl will be celebrated at our regular service on Sunday, January 1st at 10:00
White Stone Ceremony
White Stone Ceremony will be celebrated at our regular service on January 8th at 10:00.

Ongoing Events

Miracle Mindedness Prayer Circle
The Miracle Mindedness Prayer Circle is held each Sunday at 9:30 am in the Meditation Room. Using a guided seven-step process, each participant is supported in giving thanks for their blessings and praying affirmatively for the substance or circumstances that they want to co-create with God. The group is facilitated by Julie Davis-Bingham and is open to anyone who is interested in attending.
Call the office at 775-747-2207 for more information.
Outreach Program
The Outreach Program meetings are held at the church at noon on the first Sunday of each month
For information contact: Barbara Williamson at 775-857-1478 or
Unity Relationship Enrichment Group (UREG)
Our UREG meetings and potluck are held on the first Saturday of each month starting at 6:00 pm
For information contact: Lee and John Moran at 775-853-3285 or
Men's Group
Meetings will occur the first Tuesday of each month at the Sanctuary.
Meetings begin at 6pm.
For information contact:
Mark Sturdivant (775) 972-7564,
Women's Partners in Believing Luncheon
The luncheon is held the first Thursday of every month from 11:30 – 1:00. $12.00 sign up in CommUnity Room

Other Information

CDs of Sunday lessons are available for purchase in the foyer for $5 each. Just fill out the form and insert the date and title of the talk you wish to purchase. A list of titles is available at the table. All CD’s must be paid for when ordered.

Visa/MasterCard accepted here! We are now accepting Visa and MasterCard in our Bookstore! Also, you make tithe weekly or monthly with a credit card! See John Williamson or call Vicki at 774-747-2207 for information!